1Gafur-s Excellent XIA Gafur5662
2Babu with 3IdiotsSardaar5269
3Garden No XIIJalalabad5170
4Haque Five StarA Rahmaan5073
5Foorty in SylhetAMA Muhit5080
6August SMSMS-Hassan5070
7Ten BrothersA Salam5073
8Unlucky HourkonyaJason Raja4973
9Suleiman IIZakir4669
10FC 4G KnightMahtab4667
11Chashi No-9Renu Mia4675
12Hasnahena Lucky-7Sumana4563
13Fifty-50 4 BuffonSaiful Hasan4436
14Sudrban Trip in JuneDel Hussein4380

Tripple Cap

League admin: Mahtab
Starting round: 1
Ending round: 1
Prize: 315 coins
League rank: 2
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